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Toss the Trash


Toss objects in the bin!

Toss the Trash is a fun 2d physics game where your objective is to toss objects in the bin to earn reward coins.

Get five in a row to trigger 'Spin the Wheel' - see how lucky you are and win more coins.

Put even more items in the bin to trigger the 'Bonus Feature' to get even more coins.

Use your coins to buy other objects to toss from the store.


Key features:

  • Choose from an assortment of objects to toss, including bottles, toys and balls. Hint: some are trickier to toss than others!

  • Earn coins every time trash goes in the bin.

  • Different objects have different earning power

  • Use the power meter to help perfect your trash tossing technique

  • 5-in-a-row triggers the exciting ‘Spin The Wheel’ feature to win you additional coins

  • Win even more coins by playing the thrilling bonus feature ‘Trash For Cash’.

  • Select your favourite bin colour

  • Fun 2d physics - the more you play, the less you want to stop! It’s that good!





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